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 Keeping your home clean is one of the toughest tasks to stay on top of. We know how busy life can get - with responsibilities like work and family, free time can be precious and you should be able to enjoy it! That's where Day Seven comes in! We're proud to offer regularly scheduled recurring cleaning services to residents of the Key West and the Lower Florida Keys area.  We adjust our cleanup services to what you need and we various offer extra services.  





These are our clients’ most popularly requested cleaning tasks, making them our default tasks: Tell us about the extras, or additional focus areas, you want our cleaners to address on each assignment. 

Luxury Bathroom

Basic Cleaning of Every Kitchen:

▢ Cobwebs removed

▢ Refrigerator (top and front)

▢ Range hood

▢ Stove (top, front & control panel)/li>

▢ Microwave cleaned (inside and out)

▢ Cabinet fronts washed or dusted

▢ Small appliances (toaster, coffee maker, etc.) wiped

▢ Window sills cleaned

▢ Light fixtures dusted / cleaned

▢ Switch plates cleaned

▢ Pictures

▢ Sinks & fixtures

▢ Countertops cleaned (all items moved)

▢ Backsplash cleaned (all items moved)

▢ Tables & chairs washed or dusted

▢ Patio door (inside & out)

▢ Dishwasher front clean & polish

▢ Trash emptied

▢ Baseboards dusted or wiped

▢ Floor (sweep and wash)

Basic Dining Room: 

▢ Cobwebs removed
▢ Window sills wiped down
▢ Light fixtures
▢ Tables / Chairs wiped clean
▢ Mirrors / Pictures cleaned
▢ Furniture dusted
▢ Vacuum / Sweep / Wash floor

Basic Living/Family Room: 

▢ Cobwebs removed
▢ Fireplace mantel dusted
▢ Chair rails wiped and dusted
▢ Mirrors / Pictures cleaned
▢ Window sills wiped or dusted
▢ Furniture polished
▢ Furniture cushions and pillows fluffed & straightened
▢ Sofa moved for cleaning under
▢ Vacuum / sweep / wash

Decorated Bedroom

Basic Office/Flex Room or Other

▢ Cobwebs removed
▢ Window sills wiped or dusted
▢ Light fixtures
▢ Tables / Chairs wiped and dusted
▢ Mirrors / Pictures cleaned
▢ Furniture polished
▢ Vacuum / sweep / wash


Cleaning Your Bedrooms on

Every Visit:

▢ Cobwebs removed
▢ Window sills wiped down
▢ Light fixtures
▢ Mirrors / pictures dusted or cleaned
▢ Beds made & linens changes when provided
▢ Lamps & Lampshades dusted
▢ Furniture dusted
▢ Trash removed
▢ Vacuum / Sweep / Wash floor

Cleaning your Bathrooms on

Every Vist: 

▢ Clean sink, counter, cabinet face, and mirror

▢ Scour shower/tub walls, floor, and fixtures

▢ Scour all visible interior and exterior parts of toilets

▢ Remove cobwebs

▢ Dust shelving, knick-knacks, mirrors, and picture frames

▢ Dust window sills, moldings, and baseboards

▢Vacuum & mop flooring including behind the toilet


Cleaning Tasks

Don't see everything you want to be done? No problem! Every home is different, and we're here to customize your service as much as you like. Any of the following Optional Tasks may be added by request:

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